Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I can hear it raining right now.  Such a nice sound.  Nice because I'm safe and dry in my house.  No leaky roof or flooding basement.  A fire to keep me warm.  Such basic, but really amazing blessings.  And it's a comforting sound.  During the night I woke up from a strange dream, heard the rain, and was able to focus on that and not the disturbing scenes of my dream.

On Saturday I went running in the rain.  I almost went to the gym to run on the treadmill instead, but I didn't.  And I'm so glad I got to run in the rain.  It was actually very enjoyable and gave me a bit of a boost.  How funny that rain can be soothing in one instance and energizing in another. 

I'm not saying I would love to live in Seattle, because I do really love seeing the sun after several cloudy days, but I am saying that I do like rain.  I think it is an amazing gift.

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