Friday, February 17, 2017


Yesterday I kind of rediscovered Harry Connick Jr.  I have loved his music for a long time.  Ever since I was in Jr. High and Jane started listening to him.  I even got to go to his concert not long after we moved to Denver, in 1994, at Fiddler's Green. 

This last fall, Harry started hosting a talk show.  I haven't ever seen a full episode, but have seen a few clips and really enjoyed them.  A couple clips in particular have really impressed me and they both involved Harry and his wife, Jill.  They were cooking together in one, and Harry sang a song he wrote for her in the second.  She was there in the audience and he sang the last part of the song kneeling in front of her gazing romantically into her eyes.  I know he is an actor and a crooner and it could easily have been just part of the show, but I really loved the way he talked about her too. 

So I looked up the song, One Fine Thing, which is from his Every Man Should Know album.  I listened to the whole album and loved it!  I think I'll listen to it again today.

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