Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Laundry Update

Last winter I wrote a little bit about how much I struggle with laundry and keeping up with it.  Well, it took me a while Chaney, but the kids do their own laundry now!  And it is SO wonderful!  I really don't know why I hung on to doing it myself for so long.  We now have a schedule.  Boys do their laundry on Tuesdays, Mom and Dad on Wednesdays, and girls on Thursdays.  I do help the two youngest a little bit.  But that's really pretty easy.  And we no longer have the piles of laundry.  No more searching for clothes every morning.  No more guilt!!!  It is glorious!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Let's Try This Again

I sort of re-discovered my neglected blog this weekend, and would like to start writing again in the mornings.  I'm really thankful to have what I do have written.

This weekend was the 187th Semi-Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  And it was wonderful.  Stephen got to go with his friend to the Saturday afternoon and Priesthood sessions.

I loved so many different talks.  Right now, one of my very favorites is Elder Anderson's.  He was the last speaker on Sunday afternoon, and had a little extra time and so he shared a little extra.  He shared part of a message Elder Hales had prepared, just in case he was able to attend.  Elder Hales actually passed away at 12:15 that afternoon, and it was wonderful to hear his last words to the church.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Starting Again

Well, Spring Break came and totally threw off my schedule.  And, of course, I didn't jump right back on as soon as school started again either.  But, I'm back at it!  With a little twist.  I'm going to write every day, but may not post every day.  I may work on something for a few days before I'm ready to post it.  Hopefully that will allow me to really think and work on a subject and write something a little more high quality than my every day posting.  Habits really are funny things...I enjoyed writing here very much, but it quickly went to the wayside once I didn't have to get my kids up at 6.  And when I did start having to get them up again, it was awfully hard to start again.  Even 5 minutes before I started typing this post, I was thinking about not writing today, and was it really worthwhile.  I'm already glad I've started again. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Lots of thoughts

So many thoughts in my head this morning...

I went to an amazing Women's Conference last night and am still thinking about so many things I learned there.  Thoughts about perfection through Christ, Philippians 4, my goals, and joy in the JOurneY.  Trying to decide how best to share these thoughts with my family. 

The 7 inches of snow we received that caused our very enjoyable snow day yesterday was followed by lots and lots of rain and now a few low lying parts of Moscow are flooding.

Trying to remember that while other people's decisions can have great effect on me, I cannot make those decisions for them, and worrying about what they might decide really does nothing more than give me unnecessary stress.  Let it go!

How does that apply to my children though???  Still a lot to figure out there...

Must send an overdo email today!

Paper airplanes and Bridal Shows???  A little exciting and scary and what should I really do???

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Snow Day

I just got a text from Annie's Seminary teacher saying that school is canceled for today.  We got about 6 inches of snow during the night.  The forecast said it would rain.  But we are back to beautiful white!  I'm keeping my phone and the home phone right next to me so that I can catch them as soon as they ring.  I would love to let the kids sleep a little longer.  I'm not sure how Sister Martin always knows so early that we will have a snow day, but she is always right.  I'm hoping we can get the house clean!  The kids are pretty tired of snow, so I don't think they will be all that anxious to go play in it. 

I read about Christ's baptism in my scripture study this morning.  It was such a simple thing for Him to do, but I don't think He did anything lightly.  He had great purpose in being baptized. 

Time to run.  Happy Snow Day!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Next question from 52 Stories.  What do you consider your greatest academic achievement?

I don't feel super accomplished in academia.  I have an associate's degree, but it's just in General Studies.  I'm not extremely proud of that.  I got pretty good grades, but could have done better, so...not a lot to be proud of there either. 

The one assignment I can think of that I am so happy I completed, and still read and even cherish, is an assignment I was given in my US History class with Brother Marshall at Ricks.  It's an interview with my grandfather, John A. Haeberle.  I wrote down lots of questions, then sat with him for over an hour, I think, with my tape recorder rolling, and asked him all about his life and thoughts about events that took place in his life.  Then I put that tape in my Walkman and sat at the computer and typed it all up.  That took a long time.  Lots of pushing the Play, Stop, and Rewind buttons.  I got an A on that project.  But even better, way better, I have a bit of Grandaddy's life recorded, in his own words.  I love hearing his voice in my mind when I read it.  I think I will upload it to FamilySearch today. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I am so thankful I had the opportunity to run the half marathon.  But I could not have done it by myself.  I read Luke 22:43 this morning and thought about the angels who helped me to finish the half marathon.  Not heavenly angels, like the kind that visited Christ, but earthly angels who encouraged, healed, strengthened, and loved me along.

Cecily is one.  She is so encouraging and full of love.

Sharon is another.  She couldn't run with us, but came and took care of our coats, then hung around for two hours in the cold waiting for us to get back.  She was the first person I saw, just before the finish line, cheering for me and supporting me.  After I finished, she gave me my coat and a protein drink she had brought.  She paid attention to the time, so she could tell me how long I had taken to finish.  She was amazing!

James was there too.  Waiting at the finish for me.  He was so encouraging in all my training.  He would counter my doubts and remind me of my strengths.  He believed I could do it, and that meant the world.

And I physically could not have done this without Rob Cox at the ISMaRT clinic at the University of Idaho.  I started having trouble with shin splints about the time I started training for the half, and thought many times they would keep me from even attempting to run it.  But Rob figured out what was causing my shin splints and fixed the problem.  It was very miraculous to me.  I did not once feel even a twinge of pain in my shins in all those 13 miles.