Friday, February 24, 2017


Next question from 52 stories:

What has been your greatest physical or athletic accomplishment - an endurance race, a difficult hike, a personal health goal?  How did you stay motivated to reach the finish line?

I feel like I have already written about this in more than one blog post.  I think for this one I will focus on that last question.  How did you stay motivated?  Motivation is something I struggle with, and it would be great to understand myself a little better there.

I'm not sure which single "event" I would consider to be my greatest accomplishment.  There are a few things that come to mind, that I feel like were real accomplishments.  I rode 80 miles on my bike, I ran 11 miles, I deadlifted 200 pounds, even the fact that I exercise regularly feels like a great accomplishment!  Most of them were done with my friends.  The one thing I can think of that I did all by myself, was because of my friends and I received a lot of encouragement from them. 

So, there is my answer.  Friends.  Really great and amazing friends who I adore, and often wonder why I am so blessed to have such dear friends.  They are positive, helpful, loving, fun to be with, and they make hard things a pleasure.  I hope I can be such a friend.

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Harvest Moon by Hand said...

It sounds like your friends are very supportive and encouraging. It's good to have people in your corner like that! Congratulations on all the healthy accomplishments. I can't imagine even being able to do a fraction of what you did because of back issues. Hope you have a nice weekend.