Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just so you know

My blogging has been a little sporadic since about February when I started the Great American Postcard Swap.  But, I just thought I would let you know that I think my blogging will be even more sparse in the coming weeks.  I'm having a hard time really focusing on life lately and I need to buckle down.  There are just too many times during the day when I find myself mentally writing blog posts (that never get published anyway) when I should be thinking about other things.  I need to pay more attention. 

Thank you, thank you to those of you who do read my blog and leave those comments here and there.  I appreciate it very much! 


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Times

My dreams are hardly ever repeated.  In fact, most nights I don't even remember dreaming at all.  But, the other night I had the same dream three times in a row. 

Next week I am flying to Minnesota for my brother's wedding.  Just me.  Mr. Wonderful and the kids are staying home.  That in itself is a little mind boggling to me.  And exciting too, I must admit.  But, back to the dream I had three times in a row.

I dreamt that I was at the airport all ready to go to Minnesota, but I had forgotten my driver's license and could not get on the plane.  I tried and tried to call Mr. Wonderful so that maybe, by some miracle, he could find it and bring it to me in time for me to make my flight.  He never answered the phone. 

Three times I had to dream this!  I woke up completely stressed.

That morning I started making lists of all the things I need to do before I go, and all the things I need to take with me.  "Remember Driver's License" is written at the very top of my list.  I still get nervous when I think about that dream.  But, for that very reason, I don't think I actually will forget to bring my driver's license.  I don't want to get overly confident though.  Then the dream might come true.  ~SHUDDER~  Let's hope not!

Have you ever had a dream like that?  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting to Know You part 26

Q:  What was the last movie you watched? 

A:  The Glenn Miller Story starring Jimmy Stewart.

Please leave a comment with your own answer to this question!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Morning Stories

The topic for today's Wordfull Wednesday is "Caring for your Family - How do you let them know you care about them? What do you do as parents to show your children they are loved?"  Visit Chocolate on my Cranium for more Wordfull Wednesday entries or to participate yourself. 

Back at Christmas time Miss Banana went through a kind of rough time.  Her very best friend moved away.  She really, REALLY, missed the structure and the keeping busy of school while we were on Christmas break.  And it was winter.  The sun didn't come up until 7:30am and then had set again by 4:00pm.  She was miserable.  The whole family was feeling the effects and I knew that we had to do something to help her, but I just couldn't figure out what that something might be.

I noticed that if her day started out good, things were always a little better.  By starting out good I mean what happened in the first 10 seconds of her being awake.  If she could have a good thought in those first moments, her day was happier.  But if in that short time any negativity was able to creep in, the day was lost. 

This sounds pretty dire, and really it was.  Mr. Wonderful and I prayed and prayed for Miss Banana and what we could possibly do to help her.  One night when I was at book club, I got one of a few answers we received.  A friend there mentioned, without knowing about our situation with Miss Banana, that when her girls were younger she would wake them up by reading to them.  A light bulb turned on in my head.  No, not just a single light bulb.  I was practically seeing fireworks!  I knew I had to give this a try!  I chose a book that night.  I had always wanted to read A Little Princess to my girls and I thought that this was the time to do it. 

So the next morning I went into the girls' room (they all three share a room) about 5 minutes before the normal wake up time.  I stood in the doorway so that I could use the hallway light to read by.  I gave a simple, "Good morning, Girls." and started reading. 

That was a beautiful morning!  Miss Banana was much happier, and so was everyone else.  Reading in the mornings did not take care of the whole problem, and we still had some rough mornings at times, but it did help.  

After getting a couple of chapters into it, I was suddenly afraid that when we got to the sadder parts of the book, all our happiness in reading in the mornings would be gone.  But that has not happened.  All three of the girls really enjoy the story and our morning reading time.  

Of course, it didn't take long for Kiddo to hear about what was going on in the girls' room.  He wanted to have a little morning reading time too!  Since I was keeping the time to 5 minutes or less, it wasn't hard to add another 5 minutes in the boys' room.  For them I chose How To Eat Fried Worms, by Thomas Rockwell.  When we were about a third of the way through the book, Kiddo stayed up one night and finished the whole book.  I had been trying to get him to read that book for a few months, so I was not too disappointed.  The next book I chose was Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan

I can't say that I read every single morning.  But it is becoming a very nice tradition that I hope we will stick with for years to come. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today in church I was sitting next to Kiddo and was listening to his voice as we were singing one of the hymns.  I really enjoy the alto part of that hymn, so I switched.  As we started the second verse I could suddenly remember sitting next to my Mom in church and listening to her sing the alto part of that same hymn.  I always loved listening to her sing hymns in church. 

I loved listening to her sing anything.  When I was little, one of my favorites was "Sing" by the Carpenter's except that I didn't know that they sang it.  I only knew that my Mom sang it.  Years later when I heard the Carpenter's singing it on the radio, I was a little sad to find out that Mom hadn't actually written that song.

Thank you, Mom, for singing to me.  I can't imagine what my life would be like if you hadn't.