Monday, March 27, 2017

Starting Again

Well, Spring Break came and totally threw off my schedule.  And, of course, I didn't jump right back on as soon as school started again either.  But, I'm back at it!  With a little twist.  I'm going to write every day, but may not post every day.  I may work on something for a few days before I'm ready to post it.  Hopefully that will allow me to really think and work on a subject and write something a little more high quality than my every day posting.  Habits really are funny things...I enjoyed writing here very much, but it quickly went to the wayside once I didn't have to get my kids up at 6.  And when I did start having to get them up again, it was awfully hard to start again.  Even 5 minutes before I started typing this post, I was thinking about not writing today, and was it really worthwhile.  I'm already glad I've started again. 

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