Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The MC

Yesterday Naomi came home to tell me that she qualified to go to the Idaho State Geography Bee!  She is excited and I am too!  It will be held at the end of this month at BYUI in the building called the Manwaring Center. 

When I went to BYUI, when it was still Rick's College, I spent quite a bit of time in the Manwaring Center.  I have so many memories of that building!  It has been expanded and remodeled so much that I don't recognize most of it now, but there are a couple of places that are still recognizable to me. 

One of which is the ballroom where the main events of the geography bee will be held.  My first memories of the ballroom are from when I was a kid.  Sometimes when I would spend the night at my cousin Autumn's house, her mom would take us roller skating there.  They even had a disco ball!  Of all the memories I have of my Aunt Shayne, this is one of my favorites.  The MC will always make me think of her. 

Later, when I was a student there, my ward met in the MC and our Sacrament Meeting was held in the ballroom.  And of course I went to lots of dances there.  It was always so fun to me to go to the MC for a dance on Saturday night, then be back in the very same room Sunday morning, sitting under the very same disco ball, going to church. 

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