Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Next question from 52 Stories.  What do you consider your greatest academic achievement?

I don't feel super accomplished in academia.  I have an associate's degree, but it's just in General Studies.  I'm not extremely proud of that.  I got pretty good grades, but could have done better, so...not a lot to be proud of there either. 

The one assignment I can think of that I am so happy I completed, and still read and even cherish, is an assignment I was given in my US History class with Brother Marshall at Ricks.  It's an interview with my grandfather, John A. Haeberle.  I wrote down lots of questions, then sat with him for over an hour, I think, with my tape recorder rolling, and asked him all about his life and thoughts about events that took place in his life.  Then I put that tape in my Walkman and sat at the computer and typed it all up.  That took a long time.  Lots of pushing the Play, Stop, and Rewind buttons.  I got an A on that project.  But even better, way better, I have a bit of Grandaddy's life recorded, in his own words.  I love hearing his voice in my mind when I read it.  I think I will upload it to FamilySearch today. 

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