Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I am so thankful I had the opportunity to run the half marathon.  But I could not have done it by myself.  I read Luke 22:43 this morning and thought about the angels who helped me to finish the half marathon.  Not heavenly angels, like the kind that visited Christ, but earthly angels who encouraged, healed, strengthened, and loved me along.

Cecily is one.  She is so encouraging and full of love.

Sharon is another.  She couldn't run with us, but came and took care of our coats, then hung around for two hours in the cold waiting for us to get back.  She was the first person I saw, just before the finish line, cheering for me and supporting me.  After I finished, she gave me my coat and a protein drink she had brought.  She paid attention to the time, so she could tell me how long I had taken to finish.  She was amazing!

James was there too.  Waiting at the finish for me.  He was so encouraging in all my training.  He would counter my doubts and remind me of my strengths.  He believed I could do it, and that meant the world.

And I physically could not have done this without Rob Cox at the ISMaRT clinic at the University of Idaho.  I started having trouble with shin splints about the time I started training for the half, and thought many times they would keep me from even attempting to run it.  But Rob figured out what was causing my shin splints and fixed the problem.  It was very miraculous to me.  I did not once feel even a twinge of pain in my shins in all those 13 miles. 

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