Friday, March 10, 2017

Lots of thoughts

So many thoughts in my head this morning...

I went to an amazing Women's Conference last night and am still thinking about so many things I learned there.  Thoughts about perfection through Christ, Philippians 4, my goals, and joy in the JOurneY.  Trying to decide how best to share these thoughts with my family. 

The 7 inches of snow we received that caused our very enjoyable snow day yesterday was followed by lots and lots of rain and now a few low lying parts of Moscow are flooding.

Trying to remember that while other people's decisions can have great effect on me, I cannot make those decisions for them, and worrying about what they might decide really does nothing more than give me unnecessary stress.  Let it go!

How does that apply to my children though???  Still a lot to figure out there...

Must send an overdo email today!

Paper airplanes and Bridal Shows???  A little exciting and scary and what should I really do???

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