Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paying Attention

The other day as we were getting out of the van, my oldest son pointed at the van window and said, "Look Mom." I replied, "Oh, yeah, there sure is a lot of dirt on that window isn't there?" He looked at me kind of funny then said, "No, I mean look at the reflection. Cool, huh?" When I looked again I could see a beautiful iridescent reflection of the sun shining through some clouds. It was quite bright, but somehow I had missed it. I wouldn't have even looked at the window if S hadn't called my attention to it.

I think that happens to me way too often. I get so caught up in thinking about other things or noticing the not so good things that I miss the joy around me. Here's to seeing the sunshine!


LoraBelieves said...

I AGREE!!! Sometimes I imagine that the sky is just one of God's great canvas's that all though the day shows some masterpiece waiting to be admired. It is hard for me to look up at the sky and not feel wonder.

Melitsa said...

This is so true. They see things we just miss. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.