Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's Fix-up: my purse

I'm so sorry for the lateness of this post!!! I'd planned to have it up early this morning, but of course today had to be one of the craziest mornings we've had in a while. Now I've learned that if I want it posted early I need to post it the night before.

I hadn't cleaned out my purse in years! Almost three. That's a guess based on what I pulled out of my purse. It was crammed full of junk, and was pretty useless to me that way.

Here is the pile of stuff sitting on my table. Doesn't look nice there either.

I threw most of that stuff away. Including that red planner. I haven't used my planner since 2006. I really don't know why I thought I should carry that around for so long. I threw my purse in the washer and dryer with a load of sheets and it looks and feels much better. Then I filled it up again, but hopefully in a much smarter way.

I included:

1 diaper
ziplock bag of wipes
clean underwear and shorts for a certain 3 year old in a ziplock bag (just in case)
5 band-aids
3 safety pins
1 sanitary pad
immunization records (because I never know or remember when I'm going to need them)
book (because I never no when I'm going to end up waiting)

Doesn't it look nice and organized now? I'm all excited to go somewhere and open my purse and not be embarressed by the junk. My goal is to put garbage in a garbage can and not in my purse!

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Chaney said...

What a difference! Once I find my purse I'll clean it out again. My problem is that my purse is more of a bad that I often substitute as a diaper bag because it's cuter. I do clean it out regularly, but I think I need to get something smaller it would make it easier to keep clean.

Humphries said...

I had intended on doing a Friday fix up this week but got so busy I couldn't get it done, but plan on participating next week for sure. My purse always seems to collect junk and no matter how often I clean it out it's still a mess.

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

I need to clean my purse. I have a rather large purse--too large and right now its full of junk. But if I take out all the junk, I dont' fill it up and it looks floppy. So maybe I need to go purse shopping.... :)