Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Am I Thinking?

At any time during the day I might have so many different thoughts running around in my head. "I need to go fold those clothes. Ummm, better take care of the dishwasher first and get the meat out of the freezer. Why are those girls fighting again? Poor Naomi's nose just won't quit running. I'm really enjoying this book, I'll just read one page before I go start dinner. Maybe one more. Where is Noah? On the table! And he found someone's glass of milk. Guess I better take care of this before I make dinner. Stephen and Anne are home from school and I don't know what to give them for a snack. Pretzels? No. Carrots? No. Anyone want some saltine crackers? Homework time. Stephen, leave Anne alone and go practice your trumpet. No, Ellen, you can't listen to a cd while Stephen is trying to practice. What's for dinner? I forgot to get the meat out! Too late. What am I going to make now? What is that smell? Noah! Why do I still have to wrestle him just to get his diaper changed. Shouldn't he be used to this by now? Where is Naomi? Whoa, that's a lot of chapstick all over her face. Let's go wash. Man this living room is a mess. I think we can get it cleaned up before James comes home. We'll start on it as soon as Anne finishes her homework and Stephen is done practicing and right after I figure out what to make for dinner."

Sorry, that was kind of long. But that is a pretty typical slice of my day. It is so hard to think about anything sometimes, except what is right in front of my face. It also seems kind of impossible to get anything done! The kids keep me quite busy, and I am too easily distracted. (Yes, I probably should be doing something other that blogging right now, but the two little ones are asleep and Ellen is coloring, and I just don't want to go clean up the kitchen right now.) I'm thinking this could all be a little bit better if I would just get up earlier than everyone else every day. It has to be way earlier though. Today I tried getting up about 15 minutes earlier so that I could read my scriptures. I got about two minutes to read and then everyone else decided to get up earlier too. I need more time than that! I do love being with my family. They bring me a lot of joy. And I already dread the day when my children are grown up. I'm afraid I will be quite lonely. But it would be so nice to have "45 minutes. All to myself." Just picture me saying that like Danny Kaye does in White Christmas. And so my goal for the next month, or however long it takes for this to become a habit, is to get up every day at 5:45. Even if the rest of the day goes like they do now, at least I will have had that time in the morning to really think. I think the time will be well worth it.


Chaney said...

Good Luck Aimee, I always say I'm going to get up early and it never happens. I just don't have the will power to do it (and I REALLY like my sleep).

Heidi said...

Aimee, I enjoyed this post so much. Not that I enjoy your frustration or hard times. I just enjoy hearing the thoughts that go my head coming from someone else's head. Not that I have anything like what you have. I only have 2 kids. But still, I have days like that. I hope you will be able to get up earlier every morning. I try to do that some times, but I really enjoy sleeping. I am going to get better at that some day. I am always so impressed with you Aimee. You are a great Mom. Love you,


Lynsey said...

Oh Aimee on a much smaller scale I have those same thoughts everyday. I think it's a great idea for you to get some you time even if it is earlier. I have been thinking about doing that myself but haven't yet. I find that when I start my day by jumping straight out of bed to do something for Joseph I am much more on edge than when I have some me time before he gets up.

nanajohanna said...

You are so good with words, just amazing. I always enjoy your writing and look forward to your posts each time.