Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Fix-up: the ironing area

Wow! Another blank wall! I'm quite excited about this. I had originally said I was going to leave the ironing board there, but after it was all clean underneath it became a great place for a one year old to play. So the ironing board is put away. I suppose it's better that way, though, because it won't collect clutter anymore. And it is easier to walk into the laundry room now. I'm so glad it's done!

I can't decided what to do next. Should I keep hacking away at the laundry room which is the messiest place in the house? Or should I move on to something else I have in mind that I'm more excited about? I just don't know!


Heidi Weaver said...

You are doing great Aimee! My addivce would be to keep at the laundry room and save the stuff you are excited about for later. I just know that is what I would have to do to make sure the laundry room got done. And I know that you and I are so very similar. I am so proud of you Aimee, and I am so excited to see your house for the first time next week. Love you soooo much,


Humphries said...

I love your nice clean spaces. You are going to have your house in tip top shape in no time. I would alternate between the laundry room and the other areas. I find if I focus to much on one area that is overwhelming, it is harder for me to continue. Love ya