Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday's Mess: the next step in the laundry room

I'm sure anyone who sees these monday messes is going to think I'm an absolute slob! Well, I probably am, but I'm trying really hard to change that. So I'm going to start with a clean topic.

My bedroom is clean and it feels wonderful! Somehow my bedroom becomes the place where everyone, including me, puts things when they can't figure out where it should go. Sad to say, but a dumping ground. Well, it's cleaned up now, and we're trying really hard to keep it that way. OK, now for today's mess.

You might recognize that wall. The ironing area is still clean (I even got out the ironing board this weekend and put it away again!) so now I'm moving into the laundry room and the next mess along that wall. I decided to stick with the laundry room this one more week because of that one clean spot. It's beautiful and I want more of it.


Lynsey said...

You are NOT a slob, just a busy mom with 5 kids. You would rather spend your time with them instead of cleaning the house and that is WAY more important. I hope some day my bedroom can be a place of peace and order. Good Luck and I look forward to seeing the new pic on Friday.

Chaney said...

How exciting (and you are NOT a slob)! Good luck with your cleaning!! Do the kids help you? Phillip "helps" me make a bigger mess, but nap time is usually a good time for me to get stuff done.