Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday's Fix-up: Man! late again!

Well, here it is. My clean refrigerator top. It looks even better in person.

Why is it so hard, sometimes, to convince myself to get some work done? I do have lots of disruptions sometimes. And then there are those small helping hands that don't really help so much, but hopefully they learn something. But when I do get a chance to really get some good housecleaning done, I don't jump at it. I'm really good at finding other things to do. (My Mom can attest to that.) I wish I did jump at it a little, no a lot, quicker. I'm finding that I really enjoy work. Not the work itself so much, but I enjoy moving and exercising my body. I feel really good when I have accomplished something. I sleep better after physically working hard and I get to burn off plenty of calories. Work also brings a peaceful feeling to me and to my family. We are happier and less prone to contention in cleaner spaces. It is an all around good thing. So why is it so hard to convince myself to actually do it? I think that is one of those things I am here on earth to learn. "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy." I am here to learn joy and work is one of many ways that I feel joy. I think I'm just beginning to catch on. I am only 30 though, so I've got a long while yet to keep learning. How grateful I am for this life!


Lynsey said...

It Looks Great!! Just like I knew it would. You are doing such a great job on these little projects around the house and glad to hear you are enjoying your "workouts". I find I also feel better when I do something physical during the day.

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

Good job! Nothing on top of my fridge, but its dusty, and I keep putting off cleaning it.