Thursday, August 13, 2009

Huckleberry Jam

I made 12 and a half pints of Huckleberry jam last night. While I was at my parents house, my wonderful husband picked Huckleberries and put them in the freezer for me so that I could make the jam when I was ready. I always follow the directions that come in the pectin box when I make jam, but they don't have instructions for huckleberry so I found this recipe online. Of course we had to try some before we could go to bed last night. Warm jam on toast. MmmmmMmmmm! It was really good. Just sweet enough, and 12 pints of jam will not last very long in our house, so I've got lots of jam yet to make. Yum!


Chaney said...

Yum! We made peach mango jam last year and it was AWESOME! I think we'll make it again this year, and some peach raspberry and then of course some strawberry.

Lynsey said...

YUMMY!! That jam looks wonderful and reading about it and the warm bread made me hungry. I'm coming to your house.

an encourager said...

That sounds delish! My empty jam jars have been clanking together, trying to get my attention. They feel naked without jam making them less see-through! :)