Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Bright Doll Quilt

I finished! And I love it!

I used my walking foot for my sewing machine (I'll have a post about that in a few days I think.) and quilted in a grid right through the middle of the squares.

For the back I used orange with little white polka dots. And I bound it with the same flowery orange print I used on the front. I tried sewing the binding on with my sewing machine rather than by hand this time, and I'm pretty happy with it. It doesn't look as nice....but it was so much faster! I think I'll keep practicing both ways and see how it goes.

I also had a very cute helper while taking these pictures!

Oh, and no real Friday's Fix-up this week. I've been working on sorting through all the kids clothes, getting rid of some, and passing some down, and figuring out what everyone needs for school. We're almost done. Friday's Fix-up should be back next week, but I think it will be something small.


Kay Thomas Brown said...
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an encourager said...

That quilt is darling! Bright & happy! Whoever invented a walking foot was brilliant. Though mine is Bernina's, I know they didn't invent it because I have a 1956 Singer, and the accessories include one, rusty though it is. Your quilt makes me want to go into my sewing room and happily stitch up an incubator quilt!

Chaney said...

Very cute Aimee! I'm curious about that walking foot.

We're doing the clothes thing here as well. It's one of my most dreaded tasks, but I always feel accomplished when I'm done.

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

It turned out very nice! Good work!

Lynsey said...

Adorable! I love the colors you choose. Good luck with the sorting, hope it goes quickly.

LoraBelieves said...

Very Cute. I need a happy little project to work on. Hummmm.