Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday's Fix-up: my bedside table

This before picture is pretty bad. Just so that I won't be too embarrassed I'm going to pretend that no one is really going to see this before picture. I can't see you sitting at your computer so it's just like it isn't happening, right? Maybe not. Well here it is .... my bedside table in all it's piled up mess.

And here it is again all nice and straight!

I was quite surprised at the things I found in that big ol' pile. Some things I'd been looking for. Some I hadn't missed but will need in the next month and would not have known where to look for them. Let's hope I can keep it this way for a while. If I can keep it nice for a whole month then it will be a habit. Habits can be such beautiful things!


Chaney said...

Don't feel embarrassed about your before picture. Mine was like that too, I'm just not brave enough to post the picture! Way to go! Have I mentioned I LOVE Friday Fix-ups?

Lynsey said...

Mine looks just as bad and I have yet to clean it off, maybe some day I will get around to it. It looks great and I am so glad that you are doing Friday Fix-Ups again.

Autumn said...

Everything looks GREAT!! Mike's and my computer desk tends to look like your "before" pic from time to time, so I know the effort and surprises involved to get it back under control. Well done. :)