Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Journal

Last night I got in bed and opened my journal to write a little bit. I noticed that my last entry was dated back in April. I read that entry and then went further and further back until I read through all of it. This journal covers the last two years, give or take a couple of months. I was really surprised at how many things I had learned or experienced and have now completely forgotten about. It was very nice to go back and re-experience those things. I'm very glad I thought to include them in my journal. But it makes me wonder what I'm missing. What other things have I forgotten about that are not recorded in my journal? It was also comforting reading about times that were difficult or stressful, but knowing now that they did pass and I survived and maybe even learned a thing or two. Another thing I enjoyed was reading about my children and the wonderful things they have done.

I've set a goal for myself to be a more regular journal writer. Right before bed is a good time for me. I post fairly often on this blog, but it is very different from the things I write in my journal. When I write here, I'm partly talking to myself, partly talking to those who I know read this blog, and partly to those who might happen upon this blog. When I write in my journal I'm talking to my daughters and granddaughters for generations to come. I don't know that any one of them will ever read my journals and I don't know why I even started thinking of them, but I do. I don't address them or specifically talk to them, really, but they are in the back of my mind as I'm thinking about what I want to write. Even if they never read what I've written, my journals have been a great blessing to me. I'm so glad I have them.


an encourager said...

Oh! Do journal! I have oodles of them; they are like picture scrapbooks, but of stuff on the inside! Sometimes I'll grab one and be amazed at something yummy and wonderful that God did or said, that I'd forgotten all about. Fresh praises and gratitude fill me all over again. And, sometimes it is just good to vent! :)

And, yes, of course! Use the birthday card for your own, and build up that super man of yours!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

Your journal is really cute. Did you make the cover yourself?

I used to journal constantly, but over the years I find myself recording only the more important things, not so much of the day to day. But reading back I like those entries the best when I see how I move on from difficult things.

Lynsey said...

Oh I think that's a wonderful idea. I am such an off and on journal keeper, I hope someday to be a regular one. It's funny you posted about this because the other day I found the journal I kept when Ben and I went through the temple. It was fun to read all about it.

Autumn said...

When I journal I also write to my future generations, and frequently begin with, "Dear Kids". I love journaling so much. I'm glad our family has so many journal keepers. It is a special tie to hold.

nanajohanna said...

I too wish I had been more faithful with my journals, but I'm sure glad for the times I did write. It's amazing to look back at the "old days" when you and your sibs were little. Precious days.