Monday, August 10, 2009

My Shoes

These are my shoes.

I wear them almost every day. I got them at Payless for $12, I think. I bought them to wear with all my summer capri's and skirts, and I totally love them.
I'm just not a sandal kind of person. I used to wear sandals all the time. But sandals make my feet all sweaty and smelly and at the same time my heels get dry and cracked. I have no idea how a foot can be sweaty and get cracked skin at the same time, but it happens to my feet. And so I just decided that I would be much happier sticking with socks and shoes. Even if I'm staying inside my house all day, I put on my socks and shoes. I've found it's lots easier chasing my kids all over the place with my shoes securely tied to my feet.
To: Heidi, Dixie, Lynsey, and Natalie and your happy flip flop feet, Thanks for a great night out! I love you!!!


Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

I struggle with this too, I love the freedom of a slip on pair of sandals, but my feet suffer for it all summer-cracked and dry. I'm scared to get a pedicure because the pedicurist would probably cringe at having to touch my feet, ha ha.

Lynsey said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you blogged about your shoes which I love by the way. They are so you and look so cute with your skirts. I love you to!

nanajohanna said...

You are your father's daughter.

an encourager said...

Your shoes (and the picture) are darling! Loving tenny shoes, too, red ones. I adore red, esp when it's playing with white polka dots or checks! :) Will you give me the title of your favorite Louis L'Amour book, please? Thanks!

Cathie said...

Great shoes, Aimee. Such a cute bunch of kids you have. They must keep you hoppin' in those tennies.

Thanks for the comments on my blog and quilts.

Autumn said...

Cute,Chica! That style on tennies are all the rage down here in California. I had a pink pair just like those in 5th grade that I swore by and wore until they pretty much feel apart. Enjoy 'em, they are really cute. :)