Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Saturday morning I woke up really dreading the day. The whole house was a mess and I didn't look forward to cleaning it up or trying to get the kids to do their part. I felt very overwhelmed! I had just voiced these frustrations to my husband when my friend called and asked if I wanted to go to a basketball game with her that afternoon. I told her that I had way to much to do and couldn't come. Then I told James about the game but that I was going to stay home and somehow figure out how to get our home put in order and make it stay that way. He kindly suggested that I could try to come up with some grand huge plan if I really wanted to, but he thought that it wouldn't really do any good. Instead, he said I just had to keep thinking about it and come up with little solutions here and there that would eventually add up to something bigger. He also reminded me that it is good to have something fun to look forward to. It even helps us work harder and get more accomplished. And it worked for me that day. I called my friend back and told her I did want go to the game and then I worked hard and was more cheerful about it. So the house did get a little cleaner (not all the way, but better) and I was more patient with the kids. Life was so much better! And I have tried to keep that in mind. To work hard and make things better a little at a time. And also to look forward to something good afterwards, like spending the evening with my wonderful husband. I am so grateful for his wisdom and ability to see things so clearly when I cannot. Man, I'm a lucky girl!


Heidi said...

You do have a wise and wonderful husband. And a good friend that invited you to the game. It totally helps you get things done faster and with a better attitude if you have something to look forward to or to work towards. I think that is my problem. I need to come up with some rewards or fun things for me to do after I have a good week of getting everything done that I needed to. I love you Aimee and I love your blog. You give great advice.

nanajohanna said...

My reward for passing the test in Wisconsin was to finally reread the Harry Potters. They've been waiting on my night stand for many months, and now I'm enjoying them sooo much. I wish I had asked for your Dads advice more often. I always thought "I should be able to do this myself." Good for you.

Autumn said...

What great insights. I am embarrassed to say that it has only been in the last 6-8 months that I have really begun to listen to Michael's advice on things like this. What a hard-headed ninny I have been. I'm glad you posted this to remind me to seek out his guidance.
I also enjoyed the thought of doing things a little at a time. That has been our very goal these past 2 months or so, and things are really beginning to shape up arounf our house and yard. Thank you for this post. It meant a lot to me.

Love from far away,