Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Yesterday I mentioned that I am working on some Flylady habits.  Laundry needs to be worked in.  It has always been one of my biggest struggles!  And I've got to start figuring it out.  I've decided to start keeping track of when I do laundry.  That should do two things:  1) make me aware of how often I actually do laundry (not nearly as often as I like to think) and 2) make me think about it more and hopefully actually do more laundry. 

I don't do too bad with the washing and drying part, but folding and getting clothes put away is awful!  I always end up piling the clean laundry somewhere and then we all have to dig through the pile all week looking for clothes we need till James gets fed up enough to make the whole family go fold the whole mountain of clothes.  Almost every day I have to help 2 or more of the kids find something in the pile of laundry because they don't have any in their drawers. 

It's going to get better! 

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Chaney said...

Jusr a suggestion, but something that has worked for us. I only do mine and Stuarts laundry. I help with Phillips and occasionally the girls because Maija isn't always the most helpful. But, KatieJo and Samuel do their laundry start to finish. On occasion
i'll wash something they are in need of but thats few and far between. Phillip and Maija are still learning, but do a great job. We no longer have piles of laundry hanging around the house. It's lovely!