Monday, January 30, 2017

My Voice

Every day, well every school day, I get up before the rest of my family.  I'm working on developing some Flylady habits, but mostly it is my quiet time to pray and study the scriptures.  I recently started getting up 10 minutes earlier so that I can have 10 minutes a day to write something here, on my blog.  I really enjoyed writing when I was posting regularly.  That was another life changing journey, which I don't want to walk away from.  I learned some good things and exposed some of those lovely weaknesses.  Ouch. 

I learned that I cared too much about getting comments, and wanting more and more people to read my blog.  And I forgot about being me and speaking in my voice.  I have this weird habit of talking like the person I am talking to.  If I am on the phone, my family can often guess who it is I am speaking with because of the way they hear me talk.  It's a little frustrating to me sometimes and I try not to let it happen.  So, I'm hoping I can do that now, as I write.  I can write in my voice, use my language, write about my thoughts.  My adventures and pursuits.  And kind of discover who I am in the process. 

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