Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All Girls Outing to the Quilt Show

On Saturday I took my girls to a local quilt show.  It's a tradition I'm trying to instill.  They do think quilts are very pretty things and were way excited to go.  They even counted down the days!  . 

It was fun for me to see how each girl acted at the show. 

Miss Banana really wanted to study the quilts and take time to look at each one.  She had some definite favorites.   (sorry for the blurriness)

Miss Bear liked every quilt, but wouldn't look at one quilt for longer than 5 seconds.  I couldn't tell if she was bored or really excited.  I wasn't able to get a picture of her because she did not sit still even once.  I should have told her that I wanted to take her picture.  I think that might have stopped her for a minute.

Miss Monkey loved every quilt with any pink in it. She was mostly just happy to be out with the girls.  She did find a cute little monkey to adore.  And yes, she did dress herself and do her own hair.  She is 4, you know.

We didn't stay very long, but did enjoy our time together and we are all looking forward to next year.


Judi said...

I love quilts but I've only made one so far! What a fun outing with your girls. I love doing special things with my girls. So do you quilt a lot?

I saw your post on Sugardoodle about the postcard swap! How is it coming along?

Hannah said...

I love the jean/ butterfly quilt that your oldest girl is admiring. (I don't remember what her "name" is.) How fun! It makes me want to go to one.