Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday's Fix-up: clearing out the junk

I have too much stuff. I try to keep it spread around the house in different places so that it doesn't look so bad. But there is one place in my laundry room that is really just a pile of stuff. It is in boxes, but they are overflowing and it is not a nice thing to look at.

My goal was to get rid of at least one box.

I got two!!! It seemed like such a daunting task, but when I started out thinking that I didn't have to do it all at once it wasn't so scary. I actually had a hard time stopping at just the two boxes. But I really had to move on to other things.

For next week I'm going to do more clearing out. Maybe another box, or maybe stuff from some other part of the house.

If you have a fix-up to share, leave a comment telling about it and/or leave a link to your post. Sorry, but I still can't get Mr. Linky to work. If you leave a comment with a link I will come back and add your link to the bottom of this post.

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Lynsey said...

Hooray for getting rid of clutter a little bit at a time. I agree with you that if you do it in small steps it's easier, all at once is to overwhelming. I did do a Friday Fix-Up this week, so check out my blog at