Friday, October 16, 2009

Instead of a fix-up

I had every intention of getting my fix-up done for today. But I kept putting it off and having other things to do. Then I thought I would try to do it real quick this morning, but I've decided to do other things today. It is my birthday, after all. So I'll have a fix-up next week.

I wasn't going to blog about my birthday, but I've had some really nice thoughts today and wanted to share them. Mostly I've felt very loved. Encouraged. Liked. (which is very different from being loved I think, and just as nice.) And thought of. I don't quite feel deserving of all of this, but I'm very grateful for it.

The picture is of a card I received. It's so lovely. Inside was a quote from Louisa May Alcott. It fits me so perfectly that I had to make it part of my blog. It's at the top of the left sidebar.

Thanks for loving and liking and thinking of me today! It's been a very nice birthday!


Chaney said...

I hope you had a wonderful day! If I lived in the same town as you I would have brought you a pumpkin pie!

Cathie said...

Aimee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry I missed your post until today or I would've said so sooner. Would you believe, my birthday was yesterday? I'm glad you had a nice day. The card and quote are very nice.