Monday, June 23, 2014

Mountain Biking: Day 2

We went mountain biking again today!  My friend Cecily, her sister Julia, and this time Julia's husband Tom.

Last time we only went about half way up the mountain, then turned around and came back.  Today we reached our previous turn-around point in about half the time it took us last time.  WOOHOO!!! That felt good.  So then we continued on up the mountain clear to the top and then took the road down.  And guess what?

I crashed!  TWICE!!  Nothing too terrible.  After the first time I practiced that spot 3 more times and didn't crash again.  The second time I crashed I learned that even if it looks like you are riding on the edge of a cliff and you think you would just tumble clear to the bottom of the mountain like Westley and Buttercup if you should happen to crash right there, you really don't.  The mountain probably isn't as steep as it looks and you really just crash and land right there in the brush and get lots of leaves stuck in your helmet.  Well, maybe just one or two.

I am actually relieved to have those first couple of crashes out of the way.  They weren't nearly as bad as I had anticipated them being.

Thank you, THANK YOU, to Cecily, Julia, and Tom for all your encouragement today!

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