Sunday, June 22, 2014

Goodbye you Great Big Chicken!

I have always thought of myself as the biggest chicken in the world.  If not the biggest, then pretty darn close.  You see, I am afraid of just about everything.  Heights, the dark, animals, WATER!  Ack!  There are just so many things to be afraid of!  The one nice side to all of this is that I have a dear friend who is also afraid of everything.  We are afraid together!

But, that is going to change.  In fact it has already begun to change.

Yesterday my friend, her sister, and I went mountain biking.  Real, holy cow, so scary, way too fast, single track mountain biking!  We did it and we lived!  WHEW!  And we are going again tomorrow morning.  Before our memories of yesterday have a chance to get too scary and we loose our nerve. 

We actually are planning to get over more than just our fear of hurtling down a narrow mountain trail on a bike.  But I won't divulge all of those plans just yet.  After all, we are still at the very beginning, and it just wouldn't do to tell you everything right from the start.  It just wouldn't!

Since this blog is supposed to be all about my adventures and pursuits I do plan to document this whole process.  I really think it will be a grand adventure.  One that I want to be able to share with my children, grandchildren, and so on.  Because even if I do fall flat on my face, maybe even multiple times, I will be able to say that I tried.  And I want them to know that and know that they don't have to be so afraid like I have been. 

So, here's to lots of deep breaths, a few sore muscles, and hopefully a whole lot of fun. 


Rachel and Tyler said...

Wow, Aimee, way to go! It takes a lot of courage to face your fears and conquer them. I'm so proud to be your sister.

Lynsey said...

I am so proud of you!! I haven't been brave enough to conquer that fear yet, but I am sure it will happen soon.