Monday, February 15, 2010

Today we are...

...rearranging the furniture. And dancing. We even moved our gigantic piano thanks to the huge casters Mr. Wonderful put on it a few years ago.

We are also watching the bohemian waxwings that are filling up our trees.
bohemian waxwings

And we are doing lots of cheering. We've added quite a few new families to the postcard swap today. Only eleven more to go!!! And the second swap is coming along too. I'll post a list of the states needed for that one tomorrow.
We are having a great President's Day! What are you doing today?


Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

That does sound like a nice day!

I spend the day playing with kids, cooking (taking food to a neighbor after her surgery), training my dogs, and writing. Nothing too exciting, but we also got all the critter tanks cleaned out and had some nice family time.

Chaney said...

I love rearranging!

We spent the day doing well child visits in Laramie and just spending time with each other.

Heidi said...

We didn't do much. I tried to keep the kids quiet while Kevin slept after having worked 11:00 pm to 11:00 am. But, I did get a Valentines present today!!

nanajohanna said...

Two great pictures! I love rearranging too; it somehow makes me feel more hopeful, starting fresh.

Cathie said...

Cool birds! We see them around here during migration seasons, but not commonly. All we have right now are doves and sparrows. If we're lucky we see a cardinal.