Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday's Fix-up: sock bags

It has been so long since I last posted a Friday's Fix-up! I am very excited to have one today, even if it is a little different than my normal fix-ups.

I struggle with laundry. Not the washing and drying part so much, but the folding and putting away part. Especially the socks! Having seven people in our family means that we go through about 49 pairs of socks a week. Minimum! Then I have to sort them and try to match them up and always have about 10 socks left over without mates. (Where could they possibly be going?!?) I dislike it so much that I put off the job as long as I can. But then one morning I always end up hearing, "MOOOooooom! I need socks!" I really don't like that either. Here is my solution. (I really, REALLY hope it helps.)

Each person in the family now has their own sock bag.

I bought these mesh bags 4/$1 at the dollar store. They were all the same color so I sewed a letter onto each bag, and now we can all tell quickly whose bag is whose. We put our dirty socks into the bag when we take them off our feet and I collect the bags when I'm doing the laundry. The socks will stay in the bags all through the washer and dryer, then I'll fold the socks for the younger kids, myself, and James. The older two have to fold their own socks. The clean socks will be put away and we will have a nice clean sock bag ready for more dirty socks.

I am SO excited!


Chaney said...

I LOVE it. Socks are the bain of my existence! I may have to steal your're BRILLIANT!!

Heidi said...

You are brilliant Aimee!! That is such a great idea. I think I might try it myself. I don't have near as many socks floating around my house as you, but they still do seem to disappear some how. It is so annoying! Thanks for the idea Aimee. I hope it works out good for you. Love you


Jules said...

I want to know if it works!!! Let me know--if it does, I'm totally copiing.

Autumn said...

That was a cool idea. I bet it's going to work really, really well. Good luck with all those socks, Cousin.