Friday, June 26, 2009

Finding Joy: Part II

I was kneading dough the other night to make some rolls for dinner and suddenly realized how much I was enjoying it. The texture, the warmth, the smell, having my very own giant ball of "play dough" to squish over and over, my kids asking for bites of dough to eat, and my own happy memories of watching my mom knead dough and getting bites from her. Maybe this is one of my little quirks, I don't know. Does anyone else enjoy kneading dough?


Cathie said...

Yes, kneading dough and making bread are so satisfying. I used to do that a lot when I was home with my little children (years ago.)

Thanks for the comment on the table runner and the thrifted shirts on my blog! Have a good weekend.

nanajohanna said...

I totally agree dear, the smell alone brings back good memories and feelings. My hands aren't so strong anymore, and I have to save them for work, so I let my kitchen-aide do most of the work, but making bread is still one of my favorite things to do. I'm glad you enjoy it too.

Jim said...

It's OK to do for short periods, but the best part is snitching pieces of it to eat. I can bear witness that your mom's mom did the same thing and we crowded around for pieces of it. I also liked pie crust dough. Cooked or uncooked made little difference. When she had made all the pies she was going to make, she would often have a big slab of dough left over. She would bake that and we would fall upon it like starved bear cubs. Your right. These are happy memories.

Uncle Jim

shanna said...

I love to kneed dough, its so relaxing!