Monday, June 22, 2009

Finding Joy: Part I

I've been trying to think more about the joyful things in life lately than the things that don't neccesarily bring me joy. Today some of those things are:

The new header I made. I love those lilacs!

Singing songs with my children. Especially Once There Was a Snowman sung backwards. In June!

Puffy white and gray clouds.

Phone calls from my husband.

The freedom of summertime.

Watching my 8 year old and my 18 month old cleaning up their bedroom together. Complete with high fives.

Big hugs.


Heidi said...

Those are all great things. I need to do what you are doing more often. Thanks Aimee, Love you! :)

Jackie Russell said...

Love the new header!

Janie said...

I would have paid good money to see Stephen and Noah giving each other high fives. Too cute!! Can't wait to see you next month!