Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Sky

Spring is here (hooray) and everyone is very happy about it. We are back to walking to school. It is so nice to spend some time outside and get some exercise. As I was walking home today I was thinking about spring and how much joy it brings to everyone. I realized that the differences between winter and spring are a great example of "opposition in all things." After living through winter, even though I like winter, it is so wonderful to see the sunshine again and feel warmth outside and not have to worry about ice or snow. But I don't think I would really appreciate spring and it's warmth if it never changed or went away. I'm so glad I live in a place with four separate and very different seasons.

I was also looking at the sky today and enjoying the blueness of it. I thought, "I'm so glad Heavenly Father made the sky blue and not just plain white." As soon as I thought white, I then thought, "But isn't heaven all white?" I think that is how I've always thought of heaven; a very beautiful, very light, and very white place. But as I was looking at the sky and the green grass and the purple and yellow crocuses popping up here and there, I thought that heaven must have some color in it. Color brings us such happiness and variety here on earth and I just can't imagine that a place more glorious than earth would have less color. Maybe it has colors that we can't even comprehend in our mortal state. Heavenly Father must love us. I'm so glad he gave us colors!

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