Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday's Mess: yikes!

This is my sewing table.

I hesitated before choosing this spot, because it is sooo bad. The laundry room is the most embarrassing place in my house. But I have some good motivation to work on this table this week. My sister, Heidi, is coming to visit tomorrow and even if we don't sew anything, we are going to talk about sewing, and so that table has to be better. I'm not promising to get it completely cleaned and organized. But it will be better. Heidi will be here tomorrow afternoon or evening, so I've got tonight and tomorrow morning to make some progress. I think I can do it.


nanajohanna said...

I think you and Heidi are going to have fun together no matter what you do, organized sewing area or not. But I do admire all you're doing with your house; you inspire me.

Lynsey said...

Oh I know that you can do anything and more when you put your mind to it. I hope you and Heidi have lots of fun together. Love Ya