Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Laundry Update

Last winter I wrote a little bit about how much I struggle with laundry and keeping up with it.  Well, it took me a while Chaney, but the kids do their own laundry now!  And it is SO wonderful!  I really don't know why I hung on to doing it myself for so long.  We now have a schedule.  Boys do their laundry on Tuesdays, Mom and Dad on Wednesdays, and girls on Thursdays.  I do help the two youngest a little bit.  But that's really pretty easy.  And we no longer have the piles of laundry.  No more searching for clothes every morning.  No more guilt!!!  It is glorious!


Chaney said...

It makes such a difference when they do their own laundry! It’s not so overwhelming! Go Aimee!!

Clipping Path said...

Thanks for the great post. Very helpful!