Friday, May 6, 2011

Mr. Wonderful

This is my Mr. Wonderful.  I know lots of other women have their own mr. wonderful's, but this one is mine.  And, oh my goodness, is he wonderful.  I call him that for very good reason.   


Isn't he handsome?!  I love his eyes.  And his dimples.  Whenever I mention his dimples he tries to hide them and makes this really funny face in the process.  I love it!

He called me a few minutes ago to see how I am doing and how my day is going.  He asked if he could bring dinner home.  He even asked if he could bring me some incredibly yummy ice cream.  I happily accepted the dinner offer but said we could do ice cream another night.  Friday's are usually cookie night at our house and I've been looking forward to them all day.  I'm so glad he is bringing dinner home, though.  That is such a huge relief today and he knew it would be and is taking care of it without me saying a word.  What would I ever do without him?  I really don't even want to think about that.  So I won't.  I'll think about dinner.  And cookies.  And Mr. Wonderful.   

Oh, I love my Mr. Wonderful! 


Chaney said...

SO looking at his face makes me think that maybe....just maybe he and Stuart do look somewhat alike. Particularly when they aren´t standing next to each other since they are built so different.

What a lucky gal you are to have such a WONDERFUL man!

Lynsey said...

You sure did get lucky with Mr. Wonderful, he is one of a kind. I miss Friday night cookies at your house, I may just have to go make some of my own.

nanajohanna said...

I think you two are a great pair!