Friday, May 13, 2011

Adventures on a Bus

Our town is not real big.  But it is big enough to have public transportation.  Free public transportation, at that!  Oh yes!  There are 2 bus routes to choose from.  Between the two you can get pretty much anywhere you would care to go in this little town of ours.  We love it!

Yesterday Miss Monkey, Little Man, and I needed do to some birthday shopping.  So instead of driving in our van, we took the bus. 

The closest bus stop to our house is just a sign next to the sidewalk.  It works well, but is not the most enjoyable on a rainy day.  So we walked an extra block and a half and were able to sit in a nice covered bus stop. 

Oh, and yes, we were wearing coats.  Spring has been very slow in coming to this neck of the woods. 

The bus came, and we climbed aboard!

We read an old Family Circus comic book during the ride.  They don't always get it, but they usually like the pictures. 

It wasn't long before we arrived downtown.  We started shopping but then had to find a bathroom as quick as possible.  Turned out the closest one was at the bagel shop across the street.  Into the bagel shop we went, used the bathroom, and then bought two pizza bagels.  I just can't walk all the way through a store, use their bathroom, and then leave again without buying anything.  I can't!  Way too much guilt. 

With full tummies we resumed our shopping.  We found just what we had been looking for, plus lots of requests for future birthdays, and made our purchases. 

While waiting for the bus to come to take us home, we hung out around the fountain.

It was so fun!  The kids were great, and were thoroughly worn out when we got home.  Gas was saved and our shopping was done!  Mission accomplished.


Heidi said...

Aimee, you are just the best Mom ever!! I loved this post. I want to do something adventurous with my little ones now. :) Love you!!

Lynsey said...

What a fun adventure! I am glad you and the little's were able to do that together. :) Love ya

nanajohanna said...

That will be a great memory!