Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting to Know You part 10

Q: Sunrise or Sunset? Do you have a preference?

My A: I have always loved watching both, but sunrise is my very favorite! When I watch the sunrise I feel peaceful, hopeful, excited, and energetic all at the same time.

Please leave a comment with your own answer to this question!


Chaney said...

Sunsets...I despise being up too early in the morning. my preferred time of getting up is long after sunrise :0)

Crystal Hendrix said...

Sunsets because I am never up early up enough to see the sunrise!! :D

Lynsey said...

Sunsets. Nothing beats watching the sun go down over the ocean while sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash.

Heidi said...

Sunrise. I think because it feels more special. There are probably less people watching it at the same time. And I agree with Aimee about feeling peaceful, hopeful, excited and energetic all at the same time. It is so true. I love it!

Autumn said...

I think watching a sunrise energizes me more, and watching a sunset helps me find more peace. I was going to say I wasn't sure which I prefer, but the more I thought of it, I realized twilight hours to be my favorites, so it must be sunsets.

(This all reminds me of the "Sunrise, Sunsets" song from Fiddler, by the way.)

Good question! It made me think, and I always like that.

Alisa said...

Sunrise. I have a very good memory of when I spent some time in Brazil of waking up very early to watch the sunrise over the ocean (Atlantic.) Here in the west we can only watch the sunset over the ocean.