Monday, December 14, 2009

for a time

This week is looking super, SUPER busy. Lots and lots to do. Happily, I am not feeling overwhelmed about all of this right now. But in an effort to keep sane this week I've decided to stay away from the computer for a time. Definitely for this week...but it could even last into the new year. I'm just planning to take one day at a time. I am very much looking forward to Christmas!

I might even come back with another new look for my blog. Something for the new year. Amy from A Common Place Life has started a new blog, Patchwork Weblog, all about how to enhance a blog. I followed her tutorial on how to change background color to get my green that I like so much. Thanks Amy!

Have a wonderful week and holiday season! I'll catch you later!


Crystal Hendrix said...

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and A happy New year!! Thanks for sharing that info! I will definately need to check it out to make my blog more me! Thanks!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

I hope you and your family have a nice Holiday.

an encourager said...

oooh, i might have to go visit those blogs and see how a person updates their blog. thanks!

Cathie said...

Thanks for the compliments on the battery bag. I'll write up a little pattern and post it. Or maybe email you, if you don't mind.