Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Real Life

Thank you to those of you who commented on my last post. You are all so wonderful! I had thought about apologizing for letting my stress overflow onto my blog...but I won't. A lot of blogs I read are about lots of wonderful things. So wonderful that I get the impression that life is just perfect in other homes and parts of the world. Logically I know this is not true, but I still get that feeling sometimes.

My life is really not perfect. It is really not terrible either! I am very grateful for the life and circumstances I have been given. But it isn't perfect. I have bad days, and I make mistakes, and crummy things happen sometimes. They come and then they go. Some of them I try really hard to forget. Some I try to remember so that I can learn from them and try to do a little better next time. So, occasionally I am going to blog about my imperfect life and the things I learn.

I learned, or was reminded, of a few good things on that stressful day last week.

Sunshine is very wonderful and I had been missing it.

I very easily forget cleaning tips that I've learned and used in the past,
and should make them a habit, not just a good idea now and then.

I really don't have to do everything.

Oh yeah, I want to improve myself...I don't always want to be just like
this. It is ok to make changes here and there.

I need to vent. Simply talking or writing about what is troubling me
does wonders for the way I am feeling. As soon as I published that last
post I felt much better about things and I was able to get over feeling so

Prayer is ALWAYS a good idea. I can't think of anything that helps

I want this to be a blog about the real me. I can't be anyone else. And I'm pretty happy about that.

Oh, one more quick thing. I'm almost done with my Advent Envelopes. The envelopes themselves are all done and I'm about halfway finished with the little cards to go inside. I can't wait!


Crystal Hendrix said...

Blogs are made for us, so be yourself!! :D

I love those advent envelopes. They are so cute, I might have to try them, although songs I am not sure we could do. :( I will come up with something, but they are adorable.

Lynsey said...

Aimee I just love everything about you and to be honest when you need to vent it makes me feel better, because to often I feel like I am the only person in the world who feels like that. I can't wait to see pics of the advent envelopes when they are all done. :)

P.S. Remember that you are the best sister-in-law in the world and I LOVE YOU!!

Julia said...

Amy, let me just say, YOU ROCK!!! You know from my comment on your previous blog about this matter, that I too was feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything I thought just couldn't be left undone before my company came. I had the pleasant surprise at the last minute, of being able to go to the Denver temple to clean a week ago tonight. I also attended the endowment session right before, so it turned out to be a rather long time away from home, about 6 1/2 hours. Right before I went I thought, wow, I can get so much done tonight while my husband is at the temple. Then when the opportunity came for me to go, I hesitated a bit, thinking about all that I needed to do. Anyway I went and it was definitely a wonderful experience I wouldn't wouldn't trade for anything. So on Monday and Tuesday I had to 'put the pedal to medal' to get my things accomplished at home, along with work both days. AND guess what? Wouldn't you know it, I got everything done in record time and didn't feel stressed when my company came. I too leaned that I didn't have to do everything myself. Delegating is a wonderful concept. So is serving the Lord and putting him first. Then all things truly turn out for our good. Thanks for letting me vent... or at least share... I am thankful for this experience and for the personal reminder that the Lord is aware of our needs, wants, desires and circumstances. What a great Thanksgiving memory this will be.

Autumn said...

This post really hit mone for me. I have been blog-paralyzed of late, as I realized I was blogging for my audience rather than myself. I literally have not wanted or been able to write anything lately. I even began to resent my blog and the pressure to "produce". So silly, I guess, but I am busy mentally trying to re-chart what I want out of my blog. I , as you so adeptly said it, am not other people, I am ME, and I am going to free myself from constant perky and just be real about how I am feeling (which is usually perky, let's be honest, but still!). >Sigh< So anyway, Once I figure things out I will begin blogging again, but I may even remove the comments options, as I tend to write too much for my audience, and I think if I knew people couldn't respond I'd feel more free...maybe...? Back to the drawing board with me...!

sharmilla said...

I can totally relate to Autumn's comments, but as a reader I have to say I appreciate the "realness" in a blog always over glossy photos of perfect families accompanying tales of dizzying accomplishment.

Give me truth and hard reality over well-spun semi-fiction any day!