Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mom

My Mom is amazing. I know she doesn't think that she is, but I (and many, MANY other people) know that she is. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Mom has the ability and capacity to really love people. Not just love them, but express that love through kindness and service. I haven't ever met anyone that can love like she can.

She works and works hard.

She comes up with super brilliant ideas.

She has great faith.

She quite enjoys shopping, but is very thrifty about it and always finds the most surprising deals. Always! I really wish I had that talent.

She, just like her mother, has a great talent for remembering who people are. Not just their name, but also the names of their spouse, parents, children, in-laws. It's like she has a giant pedigree chart in her head where she stores everyone's names and all their connections and never forgets them.

She is beautiful.

She is incredibly patient.

She is very much in love with my Dad and is very supportive of him.

She is a very wonderful Nana.

Most of all, she is my Mom and she loves me. And I love her!


Montserrat said...

So Sweet! Mothers really do "rule the world."

Jamie said...

It is so great to have such wonderful women in our lives!

Lynsey said...

What a great tribute to mom. She truly is all those things and more. I feel so blessed to have her for my mother in law and you for my sister. :)

an encourager said...

Aimee, "Her children rise up and call her blessed". Your mom must've held that blog to her heart when she read it, because our kid's praises are our biggest testimony that we did an OK job, after all. Annnd, it's a neat testimony to the kind of daughter you are! Both of you are blessed! :)

nanajohanna said...

Yes, I wanted to hold it to me, just like I sometimes hold the phone to me and then kiss it goodbye when I've talked to one of you kids. Aimee, you make me sound wonderful; I'm glad you think so. Your children and James are so blessed to have you, as I am. I sure enjoyed our visit at your house last week.

Autumn said...

I love your mom (My Aunty!!) so much, too!!! She is one of the most pure, sweet, fun loving and caring spirits I have ever known. You have always reminded me of her, Aimee. So have your sisters. You girls sure have my heart--always.