Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday's Fix-up: a kitchen cupboard

For today's fix-up I just did one cupboard in the kitchen. It is right above my stove and you can see just a little bit of my lovely golden harvest oven vent that is still left over from the 70's. Maybe someday I'll paint it. Anyway, the cupboard just had a bunch of stuff in it that could really go other places. I was not using that space well, and in my small kitchen every bit of space counts.



After I got it all cleaned out and had more space to work with I suddenly wasn't quite sure what to put in it. So I put in my measuring cups, which have never had a good home. Until today they were just sitting on top of my microwave. I'm not positive that they will stay there, but at least for now I can put them away and shut the cupboard door. It's better.

This was actually a pretty small and quick project. Next week I think I'll go for something bigger. I'm thinking my pantry closet would be good.

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