Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is Heidi.  She is beautiful!  The eyes, the smile.  And she's my sister!  I've been feeling the need to write about her lately.

I can remember the day Heidi was born.  I literally jumped for joy.  I was SO excited to finally have a sister! 

I was always happy that she was my sister and always loved and adored her, but it wasn't until we both became adults, and were married and having babies that we got really close to each other.

Now I don't even like to think about what I would do without her.  We live in different states, but we talk on the phone a lot.  Sometimes we don't actually talk on the phone we are just on the phone with each other and are completely comfortable not to talk.  It's just a nice feeling knowing that she is on the other end of the line. 

The other day I called Heidi to tell her about my next door neighbor and how he grew up knowing Bing Crosby.  His dad was friends with Bing.  (Can you imagine???)  I had to tell Heidi about this because she has been a huge Bing Crosby fan since she was born I think. 

As we were ending our conversation I started thinking about how I needed to call my other sister, Dixie, next because she also really loves Bing Crosby.  We all do. 

Anyway, I started to say, "Love you, Heidi" like I always do, but I had Dixie on my mind.  So it sounded like this, "Love you, Dih........." and then I just quit.  I was hoping that Heidi hadn't heard the Dih. 

Oh, but she had.  We laughed and laughed.  She still loved me. 

She is such an amazing sister.  And friend.  She is such a good sister that I was able to steal this picture from her facebook page, and then tell her about it, and she was totally cool with it. 

Thanks, Heidi.  For everything.  I love you!


Vixen said...

This is awesome!! I <3 Heidi too!

Janie said...

That was awesome! Thanks for sharing. And that picture of Heidi at the end...could that BE more Heidi? Aren't sisters (and nieces) the best???

Autumn said...

This created happy tears when I read it. Your love for each other makes me love you both all the more. I LOVE YOU, COUSINS!!!