Saturday, July 25, 2009

Star Gazing with My Dad

Tonight I got to sit and watch the stars with my Dad. That was something I loved doing as a kid. We star gazed when we went camping, when we were driving at night, or when we happened to be outside on a pleasant summer night just like tonight. This time we enjoyed the Milky Way and watching for satellites and shooting stars. The satellites were a bit disappointing. We saw probably 6 of them be they were all so faint that we would lose sight of them if we looked directly at them. Do you know that trick? Try looking just to the side of a star or satellite and then look directly at it. It's an amazing difference. Tonight Dad and I did see quite a few shooting stars. Probably 12-15 all in about an hour. Some of them even left a visible trail of smoke. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

My Dad and I love to talk to each other. We can talk for hours and hours on topics heavy or light. It is so wonderful. Star gazing always gets us going. We had a very nice visit tonight. I learned things from him and about him. He told me that he used to watch for satellites with his dad and what great times those were for him. I don't think I knew that. He showed me again how to find the Little Dipper and the North Star. And as always I came away from our time together feeling loved, uplifted, and very grateful to have the dad I have. Thanks, Dad. I love you.


Autumn said...

What a sweet time to have been given together. I can just picture it--and it makes me smile and miss you both. :)

Love you Cousin,

an encourager said...

What a lucky Father and Daughter! It was a blessing to get a glimpse of your shared moments. (Oh, and I did not know about that trick, and liked learning about it. Thank you!)